The supportive services that we provide for permanent supportive households enable residents in our programs to achieve their goals and remain stably housed. We help senior leadership understand how to be inclusive leaders with learning approaches that emphasize reflection, iteration, and adaptability. Housing Match Documents are important to collect for all types of housing applications including mainstream, affordable, subsidized, and permanent supportive housing. It is intended to provide NMDs the opportunity for highly independent living experiences while they receive foster care payments and Supportive Transition services. Sited at the former Alameda Naval Base at Alameda Point, Bessie Coleman Court provides permanent apartment units to formerly homeless survivors of domestic violence with deep needs. California's eviction moratorium for tenants with pending rental assistance applications expired June 30 but does not affect the local moratorium which remains in effect until 60 days after the local health emergency is lifted. Or living independently in a college dorm. Transitional housing program for individuals experiencing homeless Exiting a health care or other institution with no identified residence at time of discharge In a congregate living situation (in the last 90 days) with no way to selfisolate AND homeless prior to entry 2. 2012, City of Fremont, Human Relations Commission, Great Nonprofits - Top-Rated 2020 List To reduce the time that people are homeless or in any housing crisis, Abode Services provides multiple programs built on a rapid re-housing model, in which a family is able to sign their own lease just a few days after being referred to the program. Learn about the organization's key goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress. Want to see how you can enhance your nonprofit research and unlock more insights? Realignment Housing Program: In partnership with Alameda County's Probation Department, Social Services Agency, and three community- based organizations, HCD's Realignment Housing Program provides a range of supports to people on Probation supervision under Criminal Justice Realignment. 24-hour, toll-free crisis line: This supportive housing program provides rental assistance, housing placement . But after connecting with Abode, he felt like hed been given a second chance. A youth already enrolled in ILP can talk to their ILP Coach to get connected. dNxwP@ j%.K\= `;b{g MG7_ Monthly rent is $400 (studio), $550 (one-bedroom), and $625 (two-bedroom). 15 bed dormitory style housing program that provides 3 meals a day, semi-structured programming. 2500 Barber Point Rd, Alameda . Alameda County Housing and community development information. and who do the programs serve? If you are an organization doing work in Alameda County with individuals experiencing homelessness and would like Or go online to the countys 2-1-1 website. Abode Services operates nearly 60 primary programs across six counties and has experienced dramatic growth in response to the increasing need for affordable housing and services for homeless people. Parenting units no child limit/ single unit, Case Management and Education and Employment, Offers housing throughout Northern California, Housing, coaching, schooling, and employment. Play area at Main Street Village Apartments. Abode Services has relied on its supportive housing development entity, Allied Housing, to build new homes and convert existing buildings into housing sites that provide a home and services for those in need.4.) If you are seeking shelter and housing assistance, please call 211 to get referred to a Housing Resource Center. As a Housing First agency, our programs from street-level outreach to permanent supportive housing are designed to connect participants to housing as quickly as possible. 2.) Your DCFS and/or probation case must be closed prior to entering this housing program. On a typical night, 2,200 people sleep in a home, instead of being homeless because of Abode Services. Please use another browser or download the latest, Information provided by: Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services. Services include case management, mental health care, health-and-wellness programs, job counseling and placement, financial literacy classes, and youth afterschool programs. As a Housing First agency since 2007, our priority is to quickly connect those we serve with housing. 60 units are for households who have experienced homelessness, and the other 64 are set aside for people at risk of homelessness. The Peer Specialist will pair with other HOPE team members to provide outreach in East Alameda County, serving Fremont. Administrative Office40849 Fremont BoulevardFremont, CA 94538. Abode Services has been awarded Charity Navigator's top four-star rating for fourteen consecutive years and is part of just 1 percent of rated agencies to have won this distinction for the same amount of time. Diverse funding streams that include government agencies, private and community foundations, corporations, individuals, local businesses, churches, and service organizations. You will learn the skills to live on your own when it is time to exit care. Building Futures Street Outreach program is a key aspect of this programs success. A verification email has been sent to you. A family at a permanent housing site in Fremont. Strong collaborative partnerships with public agencies and non-profit organizations that leverage program resources and keep costs manageable. Once in a home, they are in a better position to address the issues that may have led to their homelessness, such as gaining employment or facing substance abuse challenges. E-Mail:HomeStretch@acgov.orgPhone Number: 510-567-8017. Rapid Re-housing programs assist clients by identifying barriers to housing stability and linking them with services to address those barriers while the household is permanently housed. In Pleasanton (and Dublin), the Section 8 program is administered by the Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (HACA) in Hayward. Twenty-five of the developments 64 units have been set aside for veterans. xko6{"E:HQ(`=b=dbu %R+=%plfP}dzW*vx`W/_,]}|r& cLO/_/o_c?/_`D$c},Ol.l,, e;a\)hP#@03q*p48dy0?VxxraA\rjrb F,NkRvn{w#r?pJR)5k?#^K/=}[_:e)D4IQF, c'.q.x.xBaLa#3$)KAx '1 `K5&s&QG:, Ie-7)"([',q$.zH\R\_4 &a4oEq9 QAq~I 1($o6%*uUc}.e /%5/_., (kDHxhd s0>e(";5I0g;K0?^wxNF:p~K,`3$orM,I [s2#@I G%-Oc|q);.Bwp|~u 3)rE2KA m+$pI" Ssch ;0.m_-^kv)7/N$G f]@3PC}&$ Analyze a variety of pre-calculated financial metrics, Access beautifully interactive analysis and comparison tools, Compare nonprofit financials to similar organizations. The Alameda County Transitional Housing Program provides youth with an opportunity to live in an apartment in the community of their choice while getting support from a team of individuals who will help with independent living skills. Seeking feedback from people served makes programs more responsive and effective. . ), Paper surveys, Focus groups or interviews (by phone or in person), Case management notes, Community meetings/Town halls, Constituent (client or resident, etc.) Rapid re-housing provides short-term rental assistance and services with the goal of helping people obtain housing quickly, increase self-sufficiency, and stay housed. This homelessness-prevention program is for young adults exiting the foster care system. As part of our growth in response to the region's housing and homelessness crisis, we now operate nearly 60 programs that aim to rehouse people in need as quickly as possible. You will learn life skills to help you live on your own when its time to leave foster care, and you will receive a monthly allowance to pay for food, clothing, cleaning supplies, recreational activities, personal care and other miscellaneous items. Thank you for your interest in Abode Services and its mission to end homelessness! Officers, directors, trustees, and key employees. Each unit will be self-contained with a private bathroom, kitchen, and living room/sleeping area. The Home Stretch team are the matchers for permanent housing resources matched to through Coordinated Entry. Offers scattered sites in the East Bay; Castro Valley, San Leandro, and Hayward. Resources and services provided are typically tailored to the needs of the person. Returns application to one of the 5 providers to check eligibility. By the time Drake had turned 21, he had been through enough rough patches to fill several lifetimes. Case management, coaching, refers out for mental health services. As part of our growth in response to the regions housing and homelessness crisis, we now operate nearly 60 programs that aim to rehouse people in need as quickly as possible. practices, and systems to increase racial equity - to create this section. How does this organization measure their results? G% Create an Account and entering your organization email, To connect with the Coordinated Entry System, please call 2-1-1 or connect directly with a regional. 3 0 obj The supportive services provided by Abode for permanent supportive households enable the residents to achieve their goals and support them to remain stably housed. To identify and remedy poor client service experiences, To identify bright spots and enhance positive service experiences, To make fundamental changes to our programs and/or operations, To inform the development of new programs/projects, To identify where we are less inclusive or equitable across demographic groups, To strengthen relationships with the people we serve. Abode Services is the largest homeless housing and services provider in the Bay Area. Instructions are included in the document. Here are just a few of the programs we administer in pursuit of our mission to end homelessness: Abode Services currently provides a full array of wrap-around resident services to dozens of permanent supportive housing communities in the Bay Area. All 124 units are for households who are extremely low-income, which is is 30% . By developing rapport and trust through the outreach relationship, the Peer Specialist will assist homeless individuals with linking to services like shelter, food, benefits, health care, housing etc. Download the Coordinated Entry Flyer for Families, For More Information about Housing and Homelessness. Main Street Villages residents include families and individuals earning between 15 percent and 50 percent of the area median income. Alameda County Dependents do not have extensions past 24 months. Current residential status must be oneof the following: Living on the street/places not meant for habitation Emergency shelter endobj East County/Tri-Valley (Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton) All unsheltered adults and families: Drop-in hours Wed and Thur 8am-12pm at 3311 Pacific Ave, Livermore; call Abode at . Monday - Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm. Learn how you can find and apply for affordable rental opportunities. In addition, 65 percent of our permanent supportive participants exited to permanent housing. The services include primary and mental health care, financial literacy training, vocational counseling, employment services, and child care assistance. Turn in all Housing and Public Benefits Portfolio documents to your service provider or the staff at the Housing Resource Center. We are seeking a Housing Specialist to provide housing stabilization and housing location services to households experiencing homelessness throughout Alameda County. Listed in the agency's Guidestar profile are just a few of the programs Abode administers in pursuit of our mission to end homelessness. to get more GuideStar Nonprofit Profile data today! We have community representation at the board level, either on the board itself or through a community advisory board. Abode Servicesand MidPen Housing partnered to create Main Street Village, a 64-unit development on 1.57 acres in Fremont. . A GuideStar Pro report containing the following information is available for this organization: This information is only available for subscribers and in Premium reports. Building Futures exists to help Alameda County individuals and families rebuild their lives after homelessness and domestic violence. What challenges does the organization face when collecting feedback? Use the self-registration feature by clicking First time? A Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) is a flexible, non-licensed foster care placement available to non-minor dependents (NMDs) participating in the Extended Foster Care Program. To apply, download a Next Step Collaborative application here. The citys first all-electric new development will provide permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals or those on the verge of experiencing homelessness. Operation Comfort/Safer Ground Alameda County Hotel Manual v.1; 4/ 9/20, DRAFT; page 3 of 54 . 1-866-292-9688. Talk to your CSW or your ILP Transition Coordinator to find out more about the Supervised Independent Living program and whether it is right for you. The Alameda County Social Services Agency provides resources and opportunities in a culturally responsive manner to enhance the quality of life in our community by protecting, educating, and empowering individuals and families. Alameda County ILP Office If you are a foster youth between the ages of 16 and 17 and on track to graduate from high school or have already completed high school, you can learn what its like to live in your own apartment or house before becoming an adult. Drake has emerged from the foster care system, through which he lived in 36 different foster homes and 8 group homes in 14 cities all in less than a decade. Need the ability to download nonprofit data and more advanced search options? We employ non-traditional ways of gathering feedback on programs and trainings, which may include interviews, roundtables, and external reviews with/by community stakeholders. For example, if you search for substance use, a search WITHOUT quotation marks would find listings that include the words This is a Senior Management position that will assist Abode Services in accomplishing our mission to end homelessness. The Independent Living Skills Program has a series ofhousing programs that can help in the shift from foster care to living on your own. Unaccompanied youth under 25 years of age, or families with Category 3 children and youth, who do not otherwise qualify as homeless under this definition, but who: Are defined as homeless under the other listed federal statutes; Have not had a lease, ownership interest, or occupancy agreement in permanent housing during the 60 days prior to the homeless assistance application; Have experienced persistent instability as measured by two moves or more during in the preceding 60 days; and, Can be expected to continue in such status for an extended period of time due to special needs or barriers. If yes, they confirm eligibility in Please check your inbox in order to proceed. Abode's Benefits & Perks: Laguna Commons opened in 2016. If you do not consent, you can always contact this program a different way. *. gD?Lsl= #Jm[T a+ngmQ>\ F4{F_mal(PzeMa*Z>UQ}T~uZ?+]u`crC_DX&0Q}$H92ReGqkOl;IO-Tc}L+H'1tar2z\eZqAUyq53(';qd] Jkyyzahs2 This joint collaborative between Alameda County Social Services, Alameda County Housing and Community Development, Abode Services, and theEast Oakland Community Project assistsfamilies in the CalWORKs program who are experiencing homelessness. 2016 ALAMEDA COUNTY OFFICE OF HOMELESS CARE AND COORDINATION. Referrals are accepted to Operation Comfort Alameda County (OCAC) on a county-wide basis. Support services include case management, primary and mental health care, substance recovery services, job counselling and placement, life skills classes, financial literacy training, practical tenancy training, parenting classes, and childrens programs. Current income limits are as follows: 1-person: $30,000; 2-person: $34,300; 3-person: $38,600; 4-person: $42,850; 5-person: $46,300. Abode Services' Housing and Supportive Services Programs, Output - describing our activities and reach. SOURCE: Self-reported; last updated 2/11/2021, Recognition Award for 20 Years of Service to the Community, 2012 Human Relations Commission Award for Human Services. Try a low commitment monthly plan today. Who works and leads organizations that serve our diverse communities? Abode Services was founded in Alameda County in 1989, when a small group of people came together to address the growing problem of homelessness in the Tri-City Area.Since then, Abode Services has expanded its impact throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, serving more than 10,500 people each year in Alameda, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Napa counties. Abode Services' mission is to end homelessness by assisting low-income, un-housed people, including those with special needs, to secure stable, supportive housing; and to be advocates for the removal of the causes of homelessness. The on-site services that we provide at housing sites include job training, parenting classes, financial literacy, computer training, case management, health education and activities, and many others. You consent to share the information you provided with this agency. Application Process: Call or visit website for additional information. If it's decided that a comment is inappropriate then it will be deleted from the site. Rapid re-housing has proven to be effective in keeping formerly homeless people in newfound permanent housing. Alameda HRC, Building Futures Bessie Coleman Court. Each Abode program integrates these two components to help people establish permanent stability and return to independent lives. Rapid Re-Housing Program. Abode Services develops and implements innovative programs to end homelessness. Provide supportive housing for people who are homeless:Abode Services provides permanent and transitional housing subsidies through more than 30 different programs at scattered-site housing developments throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Counties it serves. We seek individuals from various race backgrounds for board and executive director/CEO positions within our organization. We shared information about our current feedback practices. All housing wait lists at AHA are currently closed. Bonita House Transitional Satellite Housing Program Bonita House Permanent Supported Housing Program . ILP continues to enhance housing options for emancipating foster youth through partnerships with The Next Steps Collaborative. This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ. San Leandro HRC, Building Futures 1395 Bancroft Ave, San Leandro. If youve decided to stay in foster care after your 18th birthday under AB12, but are not sure where you want to live, you can live in an apartment or house in the community while getting support from your social worker and THP-NMD staff. % When the City of Oakland needed help finding homes for people living in encampments, it found Abode Services. order to prevent a loss of housing. Key Strategies1.) Alameda County 2023 All Rights Reserved Legal / Disclaimers Accessibility. For more information contact your worker. Abode Services was founded in Alameda County in 1989, when a small group of people came together to . Operated by Abode Services Messages: 510-330-5807. Have the board and senior staff reviewed the conflict-of-interest policy and completed and signed disclosure statements in the past year? The development incorporates green features, such as bay friendly landscaping, a solar thermal hot-watersystem, photovoltaic panels, energy-efficient electrical and plumbing fixtures, and on-demand hot-water heaters in every unit. Mandarin: This is a Senior Management position that will assist Abode Services in accomplishing our mission to end homelessness. 1-866-A-WAY-OUT A. <> Abode Services . Youth will be provided employment and education support, budget planning, meal planning and basic living skills. Please refer to the "Housing and Public Benefits Portfolio" section above for more information. Home Stretch matches people to housing opportunity as part of Alameda Countys Coordinated Entry System. Southern Alameda County Housing/Jobs Linkages Program: Neighborhood Preservation & Sustainability. !#/>lz/k5P':Gk|@h& oaz6?-9;zy v[G/. Resources and services provided are typically tailored to the needs of the person. Mid County East Housing . What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, In Alameda County, having all of your documents will increase the likelihood of being matched to permanent housing. More than 2,500 people in our programs exited into permanent housing.3.5 percent of the adults we served are veterans.21 percent of those we served are children. Alameda County and Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley are launching Renew Alameda County, a home improvement loan assistance program designed to allow low-income homeowners to remain safely in their homes by providing rehabilitation and accessibility improvement services and loan financing to cover the associated costs. Abode Services has been working in Alameda County since 1989, when we were founded. 2-1-1 Alameda County Information . 2 0 obj nine Federally Qualified Health Centers to indigent patients under Health Program of Alameda County, with no change in the term of 7/1/22 - 6/30/23, increasing the total contract amount from $126,075 to . z=: Rapid re-housing provides short-term rental assistance and services with the goal of helping people obtain housing quickly, increase self-sufficiency, and stay housed. Learn More >kW.SYv,aw]l"`ek @ -45vKv5t}M1!ihg "Uv iBa mR-sh9Z5S7sH,*d4e#7FX &z!ax v%4 [#UKTO+ ch c^">DXTC; SoMCEEw%VF=zB8 UM ;`29!3. All rights reserved. The people we serve, Our staff, Our board, Our funders, Our community partners. Laguna Commons, a 1.5-acre site in Fremont, is near grocery stores, a public park, pharmacies and transit lines. There are some rules and men share a room . Please call service provider or visit website to learn more about eligibility requirements. Main Street Village opened in 2011. Copyright 2023 Trilogy Integrated Resources, All Rights Reserved. Spanish: Learn more at If you are experiencing homelessness in Alameda County you may connect with an HRC by calling Eden Information & Referral at 510-537-2552 or you may connect with an HRC directly by finding an access point near you. All residents living at Bessie Coleman Court receive case management and access to a range of services including support groups, community gatherings, clothing and household items, and life skills training. Monthly rent is 30% of household income as determined by the PBV program. SILP placements are for NMDs who are developmentally ready to live independently and in a less restrictive environment. The following agencies are members of the Next Steps Collaborative: Use thisreferral form for THP+FC or THP+ housing with the above agencies. Residents are expected to begin leasing homes by Spring 2023. Administrative Office40849 Fremont BoulevardFremont, CA 94538. . Q mpdO0Zjr].%jz)2&8g1AEQz)U)z& In the fiscal year 2022, 92 percent of participants in our permanent supportive housing programs remained stably housed during the year. PARTICIPANT STATISTICSWe are dedicated to measuring our progress and reporting those results to our community. HSP offers financial assistance and supportive services, including, but not limited to rental assistance, security deposits, utility payments, moving costs, landlord recruitment, case management, housing outreach and placement, legal services, and credit repair. . Depot will share the site with Cronin House, an existing transitional care facility. These resources include: A highly engaged and committed Board of Directors active in fundraising and advocacy. Visionary, talented and respected staff with a track record of accomplishment and innovation. Tz'#i$5+%Bc$Rbx"x_X+T4PTynZ.qzz#T,8u)c8m)93N;2x}s3xmld|Zd'&Ks&{Zz. This supportive housing program provides rental assistance, housing placement, ongoing subsidies, and supportive services for extremely vulnerable groups in Oakland, including older adults and people exiting the criminal justice system. In this program, transitional youth learn the skills to become self-sufficient by the completion of the program. Sign in or create an account to view Form(s) 990 for 2020, 2019 and 2018. endobj This includes permanent supportive housing and other subsidized permanent housing opportunities for people who meet the, 3rd Party Verification of Literal Homelessness, Release to Request Identifying Documents and Verification of Benefits from AC Social Services Agency. )_Wv/c]YH4O'4ld6pu ~9S -*Q3ZXO nWD#XO @3W This supportive housing program provides rental assistance, housing placement, ongoing subsidies, and supportive services for extremely vulnerable groups in Oakland, including older adults and people exiting the criminal justice system. Our efforts there include operating an emergency shelter and providing outreach, housing support, and rental assistance. To improve your search results use quotation marks when searching for a specific phrase. Welcome Home San Leandro. These supportive services include school enrichment programming, parenting skills classes, health screenings, and connection to benefits and resources. Abode Services' mission is to end homelessness by assisting low-income, un-housed people, including those with special needs,to secure stable, supportive housing and to be advocates for the removal of the causes of homelessness. Lead Agencies: Abode and BACS Scattered Site MHSA Subsidy Program Total Units: 176 | MHSA Unit Total: 176 Age Targeting: 133 Adult, 13 TAY, 12 Senior (60+), and 10 Forensic Address: Multiple MHSA Dollars: $3,545,928 Services: Multiple Fremont, CA 94555 ALAMEDA COUNTY HOUSING/JOBS LINKAGES PROGRAM Get e-newsletters from Building Futures in your inbox. Cedar Community Apartments is one of Abode Services' supportive housing apartment buildings in Alameda County.

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