1985 - A new strategy was adopted for Christmas 1985. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection - VHS Trailer It Came from the VCR 1.45K subscribers Subscribe Share Save 4.7K views 1 year ago Walt Disney Home Video presents the Walt Disney Masterpiece. VHS Copyright Year - The year this VHS was released but not necessarily manufactured. Page flaps from the 1995 promotional print ad (VHS) booklet with. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Disney The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad VHS Masterpiece at the best online prices at eBay! Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Edition VHS Tapes RARE/UNCOMMON Classic Set. Whilst both VHS and DVD versions were released within a few months of each other, only 8 platinum editions made it to VHS. With a B.S. Fresh from a vintage collection of VHS classics we recently acquired - see more in our store! There are 36 statues of 50 characters (some are paired) across Walt Disney World. I have all the black diamond collection and all masterpiece collection from my childhood and my brothers. The Vault lives on through Disney+. If you own a copy of the Little Mermaid with the original cover art that was later banned, you have a very rare tape on your hands that a lot of peopleparticularly overeager eBay userswould pay just about too much money to have. on March 21, 2022, This is the partial collection of theWalt Disney Master Collection. We have the ambitious goal of providing you with the most honest, fair and comprehensive travel guides and reviews on the internet. Such tapes were advertised as "Fully Restored Limited Edition" on either their VHS covers and/or their VHS trailers beforehand. Sold can include cancelled orders and some scam sellers buy their own listings or get others to buy them to artificially inflate prices. 1994 - The Fox and The Hound ends the black diamond Classics line. Do you have a collection of old Disney VHS tapes that youd like to sell and know the value and worth? The Oscar-winning animated film was released in 1991 to critical acclaim, with a killer soundtrack, a villain everyone could get on board with hating, and a digitally rendered ball sequence that blew little kids' minds. This collection was the first to release shows like Snow White videotapes! Disney kids have turned into Disney adults and their obsessive - bordering on manic - love of all things from the House of the Mouse is unparalleled. The Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid with the original art cover that was banned are very good examples of rare Disney VHS tapes. The Disney Black Diamond Collection consists of these 20 tapes: In order to check if your VHS cassette is one of these esteemed Black Diamond tapes, check the upper spine of the case. Teilen. This could be said to be the most controversial movie that Disney ever produced. Conflict ensues courtesy of Ursula, an evil sea witch who imprisons merfolk in a polyps garden, and who has cast a spell. One fan put their money where their mouth is and spent $1,175 on a near-mint VHS Masterpiece copy from 1994 with the hard shell case intact. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Pinocchio VHS. 15. However, before you get too excited, there are several important details that go into your video tapes worth that we will be exploring below. Our full collection of travel blog posts. Released in 1981, it didn't leave as much of a lasting impact as later films from the decade, like The Little Mermaid, did. Download the App. Another rare VHS tape that sells for a high price on eBay listings is the Black Diamond version of 101 Dalmatians. However, Mufasa is betrayed and killed by his brother. According to a recent article published on home video quality, because VHS has an iron oxide as its formula, tapes are particularly susceptible to magnetic damage. Love to sell them. Read seller reviews and try to gauge legitimacy. Heres a list that we have compiled of the 15 most valuable Disney VHS tapes: The 101 Dalmatians is a story of Perdita and Pongo who went on to produce a family of 99 Dalmatian puppies in the course of the movie. But, if you cant bear to part with it, then know that you are not alone. The Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection, which ran from 1994 to 1999 and this collection immediately followed the Walt Disney Classics, and preceded the Walt Disney . However, you don't have to pass over every Masterpiece Collection tape you find, and a few of these titles speak to certain collector's sentimentality - and bank accounts. Walt Disney StudiosProductions started the creation of its first feature-length animated film in 1934. The story is of a boy named Johnny who is visiting his grandmothers farm. The VHS had clearly won the video format wars. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. score: 13 of 34 (38%) Some of the earliest comic books can fetch thousands of dollars at auction, 7 Most Valuable Rare Antique Fishing Lures You Might Actually Own. The first series in 1984 was followed by a second in 1985. In a good condition, this Black Diamond edition VHS tape has a value of $100. The Fox and the Hound 8. Channel your inner child and indulge yourself in some Disney fun! We are also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'ourdepartureboard_com-banner-2','ezslot_2',134,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ourdepartureboard_com-banner-2-0');report this ad, The Ultimate Collectors Guide To Disney VHS Tapes, Buying or Selling Disney VHS Tapes on eBay, Search Black Diamond Classic VHS Tapes On eBay, Search Masterpiece Collection VHS Tapes on eBay, Search Gold Classic Collection VHS Tapes on eBay, Search Disney Cartoon Classic VHS Tapes On eBay, Search Platinum Edition VHS Tapes on eBay, Search For The Cars Movie Club Exclusive On eBay, Search For The 1985 Black Diamond Pinocchio on eBay, Search For The 1984 Black Diamond Robin Hood on eBay, The Ultimate Guide To Disney World Pressed Pennies, All of Disney's Fab 50 Golden Character Statues + Precise Locations + Pictures. Plus, details of each VHS, like the case front cover, to help you identify them. This story originated last from an article that thought people were actually selling there tapes on eBay for 10000 or more but that's what they were asking. This site uses affiliate links. In this ultimate collectors guide, Ill cover everything you need to know. Take a few minutes to browse through the pile and envision just what kind of fairy tale life you might be able to make for yourself. These were a total of 20 movies, some of which included Pinocchio, the beauty and the Beast, and the little mermaid. You might be looking for the print date/time, VHS copyright year or content copyright year of a Disney VHS. If you were born in the early 1990s and were nursed on Disney VHS tapes, you probably remember learning all of the lyrics to the company's films with their bouncy sing-alongs. Especially if you desire to get some of the rare VHS tapes, and maybe the ones that have not been opened, this may prove difficult. Fantasia in the Disney masterpiece collection sold for over $2,000 on September 23, 2021. We found eBay . THE LION KING VHS Movie Tape Walt Disney's Masterpiece Collection 1995 ORIGINAL: $7500.00. Thus, marking the era of classic VHS tapes. Just owning this old VHS is enough to earn you some cash. These are a few of the rare Disney VHS tapes that are currently in existence. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. The first sign of damage is fading artwork on the case, which is indicative of a degenerative storage climate. All rights reserved. Winnie the Pooh Limited Edition Masterpiece: - Sold for $39.99. Look for the phrase Platinum Edition written on a silver holographic background on the case cover. The less valuable 1991 version also has red Robin Hood font but theres no black arrow and the letters are surrounded by a white border. Here are some of the most valuable Disney VHS tapes out there: The Black Diamond edition: these are collections of Disney animated features that were released between 1984 and 1994. The most rare collection is the Black Diamond Collection, a group of 20 tapes released between 1984 and 1994. If you're going for retro Disney, you can't get much more vintage than 1937's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Robin Hood, being one of the less popular animated classics, was released 1st and prices were set high at $79.95 to cater to video rental stores and deter everyday buyers. Fantasia 13. That's a huge amount for a VHS that doesn't include a single feature-length film in it. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Masterpiece Collection VHS 1524 5.) or Best Offer. He goes on to meet a young doe Faline. Search the history of over 797 billion Bambi 55th Anniversary Limited Edition VHS 9505 4.) Hi there, were Andrew and Damon, Disney aficionados, Hilton Diamond members and founders of Our Departure Board. Check your tackle box because these rare fishing lures could help you reel in a fortune. In good condition, The Black Diamond edition of Bambi has a value of $250. Some tapes from 1997-1999 were THX certified. Beauty and the Beast might be a tale as old as time, but it hasn't always been a valuable collectible. A complete list of all of Disneys Fab 50 Golden Character Statues. Make offer. $27.99. This is the only entry on this list thats not either a Black Diamond Edition or a First Edition! Those dusty cassette tapes in your closet could be making you a small fortune. A massive phenomenon unlike any animated film before it, this flagship film launched the Disney animated movie into the stratosphere. If you're hoping to make a little extra money on the side, some collections of vintage Disney VHS tapes are being valued for $15,000 on eBay, with others listed for $2,000. Disney Masterpiece VHS Complete with Bonus Rarities Condition: Good "in great condition considering the age of the set" Price: US $499.00 $45.03 for 12 months with PayPal Credit* Buy It Now Add to cart Best Offer: Make offer Add to Watchlist Ships from United States Shipping: FREEExpedited Shipping | See details 33 Walt Disney's Masterpiece Collection Vhs. In simpler times, there was nothing better than pouring through your collection of Disney VHS tapes to choose one to watch for the night. Unfortunately, the fun and games end when the villain Cruella shows up. Pass on your well-loved tapes to kids with a passion for the past, or if you've got the limited edition Masterpiece copy, list at an auction and you, too, might find a buyer who's willing to pay $700 for it. Fantasia Walt Disney's Masterpiece VHS 1132 2.) Cinderella 11. Look for a finely dressed Disney character with a gold background on the front cover. 4.5 out of 5 stars 86. Learn more at. Though these cassettes may not sell for as much as the Disney Black Diamond edition, some sold listings have ranged from $100 to even $500. Ultimately, this approach made these withheld Disney VHS tapes to be of a certain value. The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under, 15 Rarest and Most Valuable Squishmallows: Complete Collection Guide, 10 Rarest and Most Valuable SnowBabies: Complete Value Guide, Top 10 Most Valuable Case Knives: Complete Value Guide, 10 Most Valuable Vintage Trifari Jewelry: Complete Value Guide, 10 Most Valuable Antique Punch Bowls: Complete Value Guide, 15 Most Valuable Rare Vintage Pyrex Patterns (Complete Value Guide), 5 Most Valuable Antique Straight Razors: Complete Value Guide, Vintage Linens (Identification and Value Guide), Vintage Luggage: Brands, Identification, and Buying Guide, Vintage Playing Cards (Identification and Value Guide), Vintage Japanese Music Box Rare Collectibles, Sports Memorabilia Price and Identification Guide, Where to Sell Beanie Babies: Tips for Selling, Vintage Skateboards Identification and Value Guide, Vintage Raleigh Bikes: History, Models, Value, Vintage John Deere Toy Tractor Value Guide, Vintage Huffy Bike Model: Identification and Value Guide, Value of Collectible Barbie Dolls: Complete Price Guide, Someone may just feel the need to clear out their closets, hence they give out the tapes for a giveaway price, and some even at goodwill. Walt Disney movies made most of our childhood memories evergreen, albeit with their movies or animated series. When Snow White, a princess, is exiled by her stepmother, an evil queen who wants to kill her to rule over the whole kingdom, she runs into a forest. Lot of 5 Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS children's Movies Mixed Titles | Movies & TV, VHS Tapes | eBay! Going on online stores such as eBay and Amazon, one may be tempted to think, and sometimes believe a collection of vintage Disney VHS tape could sell above a thousand dollars, but sorry to break it to you, thats not true. The first series had Cartoon Classics written in a white box with Walt Disney Home Video and sorcerer Mickey. Disney movies in the Black Diamond Collection were released. Over 7,300 Disney VHS tapes (or tape sets) have been sold on ebay. The original (and more valuable) 1984 version has a black arrow piercing through the red Robin Hood font. So, are Disney VHS tapes worth anything? The words A Walt Disney Classic will be printed on the VHS tape itself, just above the title of the movie. They sell for $20 to $40 if they are in good condition, the state in which they are in could value them. Were sending you good luck! are these worth anything? Disney VHS Collections There are several collections of vintage disney vhs tapes released that will dictate how much you can sell your tapes for: The Black Diamond Collection The Masterpiece Collection The Gold Classic Collection The Black Diamond Collection Time period: 1984 - 1994 Format: VHS cassette This was arguably the first Disney movie that drifted away from the damsel-in-distress female character to bring about a competent and strong female lead in the form of Princess Jasmine. & Masterpiece Collection VHS Tapes. It sounds strange, but the clothing store actually sells a good variety of cute, vintage VHS tapes. Exclusive to Disney Movie Club members, Cars was the last Disney animation ever released on VHS. True. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. The earlier 1985 version, with the black clam shell case, is the more valuable of the two. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Receive our newest travel content, straight to your inbox. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Serious money. In a good condition, The black diamond edition of The 101 Dalmatian can sell for as much as $5,000. Try to store your VHS tapes away from anything that produces a magnetic field. Even by the 1990s, many people hadn't seen the film save for the catchy song "Zippa-Dee-Do-Da" on Disney sing-a-long videos. The nostalgia hits differently whenever it comes to old Disney movies and animated features, especially if its on VHS tape. Most (not all) have a peel-away corner on the bottom right of the case front cover with the words The Original Animated Classic. All of the VHS tapes in this collection have the word Masterpiece in capital letters on the VHS front cover. However, Cinderellas Fairy Godmother comes to the rescue. When an event is thrown, the stepmother and her stepsisters leave Cinderella behind to finish the chores and forbid her from attending the event. Addeddate 2018-05-28 18:21:14 Identifier TheLionKingMasterpieceCollectionVHS_201805 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3 on May 28, 2018 An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. In the 1940s, Disney had begun exploring full-length live-action films, with the introduction of the hybrid live-action-animated films like The Reluctant Dragon which premiered in 1941, and Song of the South in 1946. For dates in Roman numerals use this handy converter. The oldest copy on eBay (in good condition) is currently selling for $1,000. Yet, if you're a dedicated Disney collector, you absolutely need to add this less popular title to your collection. Walt Disney VHS Videokassetten NEU & OVP alle noch in Folie Fr Sammler Aufgabe meiner doppelten Filme Privatverkauf, daher wie immer keine Garantie, Umtausch, . 2023 LoveToKnow Media. The ultimate guide to Disney Pressed Pennies. Uploaded by 6 Vintage Action Figures That Are Valuable Today. These compilation videos traveled from one hit song to the next, showing you a snippet of the scene from the movie and teaching you all about pace and lyrics using a bouncing ball across subtitles. View source. Watch Out For Import Duty - If youre buying Disney VHS tapes from abroad, look out for import duty and additional charges. 1999 - Robin Hood, having been the first film of the Classics line, becomes the last film (re)released in the Masterpiece Collection. If youre collecting Disney VHS tapes, youll want to ensure you keep your collection in as mint condition as possible. For instance, there are rumors about explicit words being written in the clouds in The Lion King and the priest marrying Prince Eric and Ariel seems a bit toohappy to be joining the two in holy matrimony. Some tapes in this VHS series did not have the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo ident. However, Maleficent does leave the loophole that Aurora can be awakened from her deep slumber with a kiss of true love. 2 The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under (Black Diamond Edition) The Rescuers and its sequel, The Rescuers Down Under, are both underappreciated films that both deserve more attention. There were only a record of three (3) times when a single Disney VHS tape was sold for over $1000. Interestingly, this series focused on less-acclaimed titles from the mid-century, which explains why that '90s nostalgia for the Disney Renaissance that's driving so much of the market's resurgence hasn't made these older films big-ticket items at online auctions. This series of animated features was released from 2000 to 2001 and began with one of our old favesToy Story. Her love story with the street urchin Aladdin who came into possession of a magical lamp, housing a genie that has the power to grant three wishes, has captured the interest of many. In a good condition, the Black Diamond Edition of the Fox and the Hound has a value of $500. This collection immediately followed the Walt Disney Classics, and preceded the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection. Thank you for your review mattmeine2013. in: Second Generation Walt Disney Home Videos, Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection, VHS, and 5 more Pinocchio (1999-2000 VHS/DVD) View source Pinocchio (1999 VHS/DVD) Release date October 26, 1999 Stock Number 18665 (DVD) 18679 (VHS) List price VHS: $26.99 (1999-2000) $22.99 (2000-2002) DVD: $39.99 (1999-2000) $29.99 (2000-2002) Aspect ratio You don't have to have your own successful Etsy shop or booth in a local antiques store to make some money off of the House of the Mouse's vintage VHS tapes. The 1st (1985) displays a walking Pinocchio on the cover. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'ourdepartureboard_com-box-3','ezslot_3',121,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ourdepartureboard_com-box-3-0');Disney VHS Tapes, which were in production for over 25 years, have become a collectible of choice for the avid Disney fan. While not every copy of these tapes is worth a ton of money, a few just might have you rummaging through your dusty VHS collection for a quick cash turnaround. Most of these well-loved tapes won't bring in more than about $20, but there's the odd copy that sells to a fanatical Disney adult for thousands. These are the rarest and most valuable Disney VHS tapes. Together, both VHS tapes are valued at $2,500. Bedknobs and Broomsticks - October 28, 1994. Similar to the Walt Disney Classics line that preceded it, it consisted mainly of Disney Animated Features, along with a few live-action/animated hybrid films. Although we're loathe to include a horribly racist film in this list, because it's been returned to the Disney vault never to be seen again on streaming or any other entertainment platform, the European VHS copies of Song of the South are worth a fair amount of money. Pinocchio 60th Anniversary Edition VHS 18679 3.) All rights reserved. Case damage can significantly impact value, whether the VHS is used or sealed. Here are my top tips on preserving your Disney VHS collection: If you have access to a working VCR, rewind your tapes to the beginning. Another option is to sell your VHS tapes locally. Walt Disney VHS NEU & OVP Masterpiece. What about Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection? The 2nd (1993) displays a sitting Pinocchio. $100.00 + $15.00 shipping. If you're finished enjoying that rediscovered Masterpiece copy of Dumbo, you can list it on eBay and try to get about $50 for it. Google the name of the content or watch the VHS end credits. 83.65 + 16.71 Postage. You can pick them all up for a buck or 2 at Goodwill. Walt Disneys adoption of VHS tapes to put out their work of animated features such as the fox and the hound, beauty and the beast, Aladdin, and the likes, Disney movies like Pinocchio, Bambi, snow white and the seven dwarves. In fact, one rare sealed Black Diamond copy of it, with the original sales barcode intact, recently sold on eBay for a pearl-clutching $37,777.77. In an a fourth floor attic not sure if they're still any count! The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. In a good condition, the Black Edition of Beauty and the Beast has a value of $550. The black diamond edition refers to the diamond-shaped (the classic) logo on the super spine of each Disney VHS clamshell. Gold Collection Disney movie videotape very rare collectible. The logo also shines twice on this variant. All of them have Gold Collection written on the spine and front cover. Of those 7,300 transactions, about 25 of them sold for over $500.00. The film was only released on VHS internationally, making it a more valuable find. Currently, the average asking price for the Little Mermaid original case is $900. As stated earlier, the value of old Disney VHS tapes varies. Walt Disney Masterpiece Pinocchio VHS Exclusive Deluxe Video Edition Box Set New. Sarah is the creator of SarahScoop.com, designed to give everyone the scoop on all of their favorite things! Read below for more information on the rare editions. Popular titles would be released in theaters, followed by the cassette tape release by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. A person could decide to sell the tapes to get a little money from his or her collection of classics. Front cover of the 1996 promotional print ad (VHS) booklet with, Page flaps from the 1996 promotional print ad (VHS) booklet with. I have 6 black diamond Walt Disney classics i want to sell. 1985 - Pinocchio, the 2nd home video released under The Classics line, became one of the best-selling home videos of the year. The Vault lives on through Disney+. If your fond memories of Disney cant seem to reach that far back in time, then let us explain it to youthe Disney Vault is the metaphorical place in which home video cassette releases were hidden from the public eye after only being available to purchase for a limited time. And one collector did just that by buying a near-mint VHS on eBay for an eye-watering amount - $17,500 to be exact. It is important to note that these tapes could and may not sell for the prices stated in the description. We hope you enjoyed getting the scoop on selling your old Disney VHS tapes! It is without a heroic prince or princess or even damsel in distress. 15 most valuable Disney VHS tapes 1. Although this is far from the norm, where sealed copies usually sell for around $100, you just might luck out and get a very interested buyer. Picture Information. Just like how people have niche favorite Disney movies, so too are their niche VHS tapes you can find littering online auctions. For a list of films in each collection, grab a Disney VHS Collection list. $4.95 + $3.65 shipping. Although the vh tape players have become somewhat out of date and difficult to come by, you could always get one in any of the online stores or auction websites. These tapes are totally obsolete now, but some Millennial parents want to give their kids a 'proper' Disney education. Pre-Owned. UV light can bleach your Disney VHS cases. The next most valuable collection is the Masterpiece Collection, released from 1994 to 1999. In a good condition, the Black Diamond Edition of the Lion King valued at $1,500. The rest of the movies can be found here: https://archive.org/details/disney_black_diamond_collection_202203 Walt Disney Masterpiece Fantasia VHS 1132. This Disney VHS Collection list Includes 179 Disney VHS tapes. The Black Diamond Classics, Masterpiece Collection, Gold Classic Collection, Cartoon Classics, Platinum Editions, Select Special/Anniversary Editions and More. 1980 - Disney create the subsidiary company Walt Disney Home Video. Although the Disney Vault was certainly popular in its prime, VHS tapes containing its logo no longer exist. Then, after a short period, these titles would be placed in the vault to be re-released later with a new case and bonus features. Lot of 17 Walt Disney Black Diamond (11!) The art and technology with which snowshoes are made have improved over the centuries, but the basic design has remained constant. The Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection (also known as the Walt Disney Collection in Australia) began in 2000 to release films, such as ones that never made it to the Masterpiece Collection like Make Mine Music, Saludos Amigos, The Rescuers Down Under, Toy Story and A Bug's Life. If youre like us, you cherished those moments so deeply that you couldnt bear to separate from your old VHS tapes (or you forgot about them in the depths of your storage closet). made in new york pizza lawsuit,

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