Element Group, a company Bissonnette helped set up in Virginia Beach about five years ago, is among the companies NCIS is said to be investigating. The defense contractor, Atlantic Diving Supply, or ADS, has military supply and equipment contracts with SEAL Team 6, according to several former SEAL Team 6 operators, as well as other parts of the departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Matt Bissonnette, 36, of Wrangell, Alaska, is the USA Navy SEAL who compromised the security of the nation by publishing his tell-all history on the assassination of Usama bin Laden. He is the one that said, There is not enough backup. Obama has had a long and solid record worrying about the safety of US citizens and military abroad, ordering special provisions for emergencies and working closely with USGOVDODAAFES to make certain that there were enough supplies on hand at all times, unlike GW Bush who left provisioning to minions. Image courtesy of EltonJohn.com. But those works went through some form of review, or socialization with the SEAL command, before publicationand both Panetta and Vickers drew intense political fire from Republican circles for talking of the raid. Element Group, for example, designed prototypes for sleeping bags and a tent system that would be sold commercially. Robert O'Neill called on American political leaders to do so during an interview with El Mundo published last week. The tragedy is that Bissonnette uses the book to justify himself and his personal vendetta. A FORMER NAVY SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden and wrote a bestselling book about the raid is now the subject of a widening federal criminal . Obama and Cabinet watching attack on bin Laden compound. Copyright IBTimes 2023. The poignantly pregnant problem in Bissonnettes fable is that there are more lies in his book than were in the speech given by Paul Ryan at the RNC convention in Tampa, Florida. IBT Fast Start - Let the best of International News come to you. */ Bissonnette writes that he was present on the third floor of Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad when the terrorist leader was killed. Matt Bissonnette SEAL Book Could Have Royalties Seized by Pentagon. I will continue to buy (and receive complimentary review copies) of books and review them objectivelyas I am doing with Cardinal Martini of Milans last interview before his death on August 31, 2012, where he states that the Roman Catholic Church is at least two hundred years backwards. And then there's the upcoming book about the bin Laden raid by Mark . And O'Neill himself also pushed back on this version of events when I asked. Robert O'Neill, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, speaks at the "Best of Blount" Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony at the Clayton Center for the . But he said he now understands the Pandoras box he opened that made him a public figure when he penned an unauthorized account of the raid, together with his co-author, Kevin Maurer. Reveals About Navy SEAL Gear. Why Navy SEALs Are Supposed to Keep Their Mouths Shut. It is ripe for that, as Bissonnettes book does not even approach a shred of history but glorifies himself while putting others at risk. I'm not talking tactics," Bissonnette said on "60 Minutes.". The former Navy SEAL who wrote a memoir about his role in hunting down Osama bin Laden allegedly kept an unauthorized photo of the al Qaeda leader's corpse on his hard drive and is now at the . "Guys . Complete player biography and stats. Matt Bissonnette Former Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette aka. In this file photo, Matt Bissonnette is shown as a member of Navy Seal Team 5. Thebrummagem book shows that Bissonnette was more likely a manseeking, stalking and slithering towarda blood vengeance than a man with any honorable or patriotic intentionsnot against the Saudis who commandeered their planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but against other SEALs working with him, with none privy to his intentions. His voice was also disguised. EXCLUSIVE - SEALS AT WAR: Fellow warriors brand Rob O'Neill a LIAR after he claims he was the shooter who fired three bullets into Bin Laden's head. Curling season draws to exciting close. Bissonnettewas seen as a rising star within the SEAL Team 6 command. T his week, Matt Bissonnette will undergo surgery to remove remnants of the most famous gunfight of this century from his body.Fragments of rounds fired as he and fellow US Navy Seals raided Osama . Jerry via Flickr. Bissonnette claims in his book that an unnamed DEVGRU teammate actually fired the shots that killed Bin Laden, not O'Neill who claims that the unnamed teammate fired and missed. ADS did not respond to a request for comment. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Computer and electronic translations: how accurate are they? Seal Team 6 is scary because it has the ability to work outside of both U.S. and international law. When the children later came up on stage to get an award honoring their mom, Bissonnette presented it, and hugged the kids, telling them and the crowd, Your moms the real fighter.. He retired last summer. That SEAL who was also on the bin Laden raid was given a non-judicial punishment by the Navy that ended his military career but allows for an honorable discharge, according to one of the two people familiar with the case. It must be remembered that the military (universally) has always looked upon minorities disfavorably under the augmentation of religions that have considered marginalized people to be less than human: we find this in the curse of Cain used by the Jews, Christians, Mormons, etc. Neither of them were PNGd by the community, he said. In the interview, Bissonnette also uses a model of the compound to flesh out his account, which reportedly differs from the Pentagon's version of what happened. SEALs in Vietnam, Panama, Iraq were writing books, Bissonnette said So I dont buy it when the old crusty dudes say Nobody should be talking. Mar 1, 2023 Updated 17 hrs ago. Bissonnette stated that most of the proceeds from the book will be donated to families of SEALs killed in action. Get the latest in military news, entertainment and gear in your inbox daily. Maybe Im off-base, but it seems to me he has betrayed his fellow warriors just to make money. Click here for reprint permission. Bisonnette, a member of the Virginia Beach-based SEAL Team 6 that killed bin Laden, was featured on the show where he went into explicit detail on how the SEAL team raided bin Laden's Pakistan hideout and shot him dead instead of capturing him alive. Bissonnetes pseudo-autobiography under fake-name of Mark Owens (September 04, 2012). Amy Derrickfrost would only say that an investigation into No Easy Day is still ongoing. Bissonnette continues to hide his face and use the pseudonym "Mark Owen. We realized failure to submit the book for review raised legitimate questions about his conduct. Matt Bissonnette, the former Navy SEAL who wrote a memoir about the May 2011 raid to kill Osama bin Laden, appeared on Sunday night's episode of "60 Minutes." CBS 60 Minutes Screenshot Former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette is sorry for publishing a tell-all book about the raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Ladenwithout first seeking a government security review. He holds Canadian citizenship and maintains a Caucasian ethnicity. Bissonnette says the government redacted a lot of it which he appealed, but was only able to clear about 50 percent of them. Bissonnettes goal was self-glorification and makes no pretense that he went into Pakistan to assassinate, in cold-blood (similar to the Saudis cold-blooded destruction of the World Trade Center and wrongful loss of life where I lost family and friends) bin Laden the author of numerous atrocities. /*-->

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