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Later in a back conference room Reigenborn privately swore in his new undersheriff, Tommie McLallen. Adams County Sheriff's deputies now have another layer of protection while protecting and serving, thanks to a Colorado nonprofit and a $50,000 donation . What could have been stronger? he said. All were acquitted at trial, and all the records in the case and investigation have been sealed. FAYETTEVILLE, YOU GET CLOSE TO 5:15. Mickey Bethel, who Reigenborn put in charge of the Flatrock Regional Training Center, was charged with witness tampering in 2006 when he was an officer at the Pueblo Police Department. Thank you! *Closed on Legal Holidays. Example video title will go here for this video. He landed as the chief of the troubled Rocky Ford Police Department before coming to Adams County. THEY ARE QUICKLY CHOPPING AWAY AT THE ACTUAL TORNADO WATCH. It was first reported in January. He was accused of influencing a man not to testify in court in order to keep a sex video that he made with the man and his wife from going public. Our communities are the fabric that connects us throughout Adams County. KEVIN: GOOD EVENING. IF YOU ARE IN BETHEL OR FELICITY, A LITTLE SOONER FOR YOU FOLKS. But not every law enforcement agency is the subject of a criminal investigation, and one of those is now hanging over Reigenborns office as he seeks re-election. He then shakes hands with someone behind the desk and moves on. Adams County Sheriff Tony Grootens, seen here in 2021, released a statement Wednesday saying his office will not arrest or house anyone charges solely under the new Protect Illinois. The sheriff knows that our employees are our agencys most valuable resource, said Undersheriff Paul Gregory, who declined an interview about the climate there but sent an emailed statement. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Did I have a relationship with a dispatcher back in 1994? I wasnt mean about it, I just didnt think he was qualified to be sheriff.. The world is crazy and you want to be able to protect your friends or family and I just felt that I was a good candidate for this job and being able to put myself in the position where I can protect my friends and family and the community and just make a difference for anyone who lives in this area, Miller said. Darr, the then-sitting sheriff, was term-limited and Reigenborn, then a relatively low patrol sergeant, filed paperwork to run on the Democratic ticket. Toth declined to comment for this story. According to Nebraska State Patrol, the investigation began around 12:45 p.m. Sunday, when the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call at a residence on Carnahan Street in Marquette. Even though Reigenborn faced the occasional foe above him, he remained ambitious. Adam Sherman said in an email. His team helped clear the first floor and library after the shooters were dead. She said its important to encourage people to join to help protect their community and make a difference. The lawsuit against him is still pending in federal court. Of the 11 senior leaders who received letters, six retired or resigned. News & Press - Adams County Sheriff's Office NEWS & EVENTS Happy Birthday!!! On Thursday, the Adams County Sheriffs told CBS News Colorado it had concluded an internal investigation into the conduct of Mark Mitchell, the division chief of patrol, and that Mitchell has been ordered to serve an unpaid three day suspension and will have to complete remedial firearm safety training. Training Division Chief Mickey Bethel submitted his resignation to the sheriff and the sheriff accepted it, Sgt. I believe a network of community stakeholders is an integral part of this vision for Adams County. And he said, No not at all, those two did. He told me that Im not implicated in it.. It was frustrating, he said. The Sheriff's Office then requested assistance from the Nebraska State Patrol. The driver of the vehicle started shooting at the deputies," said Adams County Senior Deputy Sheriff Ernesto Lemus. SHEREE: HIGH WATER CLOSING ROADS ACROSS GREATER CINCINNATI, AND WERE NOT DONE WITH THE THREATS FROM WIND YET. When the Fowler Police Department was disbanded McLallen became chief of the Walsenburg Police Department until it too was disbanded. The only way we can connect our communities is to connect with each other. There are two deputies sitting in the lobby and other employees sitting behind a reception desk. Reigenborn collected retirement and took up scuba diving. He was twice the subject of restraining orders requested by women and, McIntosh said, Reigenborns personal and professional lives intersected in unwelcome ways. Despite being outspent by McIntosh more than 8 to 1, Reigenborn won the rematch, and got the job he long coveted. But despite his love of patrol, Reigenborn always harbored ambitions for more. As Reigenborn stares down the politics side, much of his offices turmoil and internecine battles are unresolved: There is still the active criminal investigation. WE HAVE SOME SEVERE WEATHER WARNINGS IN EFFECT BUT WE ARE STRUGGLING TO FIND THE WINDS AS IT RELATES TO THE SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING. Multiple factors beyond a sheriffs control can contribute to rising or falling crime rates. Check out what these deputies have to say about it their careers: Sheriff's Office Human Resources Click here P.O.S.T Academy Selection Process Click here Sheriff's Office Benefits Click here Click here State of Colorado P.O.S.T. Reigenborn works hard, he said, on transparency -- the word is plastered all over the Adams County Sheriffs homepage. Do I have a child? The reason? We at the Adams County Sheriffs Office are fully committed to this initiative and intend to work with our citizens to identify and seek long-term solutions to problems relating to crime, fear of crime, neighborhood decay and poor quality of life. REMEMBER, ALWAYS TURN AROUND WHEN YOU SEE THAT STANDING WATER. Reigenborn, 58, has lived in Adams County since his mother moved there when he was four months old. Two of those took a severance package from Adams County and four walked away and later sued him. With a primary election underway, Reigenborn appears to actually be the underdog again at least when it comes to money. It never set well with me.. When he received the letter from Reigenborn, he was division chief of the jail. E-mail 9News reporter Steve Staeger at McLallen did not return calls and messages for comment on this story. I intend to communicate effectively, creatively, and most importantly honestly with the citizens of our county. / CBS Colorado. 911 HAD ALREADY BEEN CALLED. Reigenborn drinks a lot of Pepsi and said he avoids alcohol because it sets a bad precedent for leadership -- he said he may have a beer if he and his wife are on vacation out of state. When he won, Reigenborn decided to have his newly minted undersheriff order the loyal out of the building, and take their access cards. His nature is friendly, open and confident. The Adams County Sheriff's Office is a great place to work. Reigenborn said he isnt part of any investigation as far as I know and that he checked twice at the end of last year to make sure he had his required 24 hours of training to keep up his state certification. A metro county sheriff who still responds to calls on the radio, happy to chase auto theft suspects on foot and, preferably, on camera. February 6, 2023 Happy Birthday Mrs. Rhonda Anderson from your Adams County Sheriff's Office Family! From left to right: Undersheriff Tommie McLallen, Training Division Chief Mickey Bethel, Jail Division Chief Chris Laws, Skier Shiffrin's quest for 86th win extended after downhill, Colorado mountain communities consider legal action against USPS, 77 inches of snow fall at Colorado ski area in 9 days, Man sentenced to nearly 100 years for violently attacking woman. Am I gonna make mistakes? WERE LEADING THE WAY WITH TEAM COVERAGE ON THE ROADS AND THE SKIES. "It's cut here, angled for your shooting stance so you can extend your arms out, and then this is for the back," said Lemus, as he inspected the plates. "I didn't have one of these ones we just have the inner ones we wear," said Lemus. In January 2018, Heath Gumm, a young Adams County Sheriffs deputy, was fatally shot during a foot pursuit in Thornton. There are more than 600 people including 434 sworn deputies in the Adams County Sheriffs Office, with a budget of almost $100 million. Happy Birthday Mrs. Rhonda Anderson from your Adams County Sheriff's Office Family! McIntosh said any difficulty Reigenborn had finding a job was because of his reputation. - Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sheriff Headquarters islocated in Brighton at the Adams County Government Center. NOT FINDING MUCH WIND WITHIN THESE AREAS. Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am-12pm & 12:30pm-4:30pm MT. THANKS FOR JOINING US AT 5:00. "This is gonna not only keep us safe but save people's lives as well, so we really appreciate it," said Lemus. They are: The issues and concerns within our county still remain. Grootens said his office maintains a list of qualified applicants they can draw from for when deputies leave or retire. ONCE THE RAIN ENDS, VERY STRONG WINDS THIS EVENING WILL INCREASE. Bitterman is still employed in Adams County and was promoted to patrol division chief. The board also voted in May 2022 to spend $88,000 in ARPA money to buy ballistic and tactical vests for deputies. THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS HEAVY RAIN SHOULD BE WRAPPING UP IN THE NEXT HOUR, MAYBE HOUR AND A HALF FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE AREA. Have a happy and blessed day! ACSO Staff January Birthdays!!! McIntosh is now running in the Republican primary for sheriff. CPR News requested copies of all the training records for Reigenborn, Bethel and McLallen. Crosspoint Church Survival Kits for the Deputies! ON A HIGHWAY, WHEN YOU COULDVE GOTTEN RUN OVER. The year was 2014. Read his reports or check out his bio & send him an email. WE WILL TRACK THESE POCKETS OF HEAVY RAIN AS THEY MOVE THROUGH PARTS OF CLERMONT COUNTY, BROWN COUNTY AND HIGHLAND COUNTY. (303) 655-3234. At the Arapahoe County Sheriffs Office, there are 74. He thought my friendship with those folks was stronger but had he come to me, there wouldnt have been any other recourse.. Laws appears to have been involved in a minor domestic incident when he showed up at a familys home, and initially wouldnt leave, looking for a 20-year-old pregnant woman who lived there. GEORGETOWN, CLOSE TO ABOUT 5:15. I have never seen anything quite like this where a person says the past administration was based on a good old boy philosophy, Claps said. According to the report, Laws admits to the responding officer that when he knocked on the door to confront the woman's father, Laws put his foot in the door, not allowing the man to close the door. Our newsletters bring you a closer look at the stories that affect you and the music that inspires you. According to a police report about that incident, Laws, 52, went to the home of a 20-year-old woman whom he described as a friend of his when interviewed by the responding Thornton police officer. We cannot speak to the nature of the investigation while it is ongoing because we dont want to compromise the integrity of the investigation, he said in an email.

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